Wasteland 3 gets delayed to August amidst Coronavirus pandemic


Another anticipated game has been delayed with Wasteland 3. Developer inXile Entertainment shared the unfortunate news today and cited the coronavirus pandemic and the logistical concerns it brought with itself, on top of wanting more time to create the best possible product. We also learn that the new release date for the turn-based RPG is August 28th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The Coronavirus has taken the world hostage. No day goes by without reading about human lives perishing and the economy being hit by the consequences of a worldwide lockdown. No matter how much we might see gaming as a personal hobby, it’s still a large industry that is interlocked with other parts of social interactivity. Many studios have thus adopted a work-from-home strategy to keep development on their games going but the truth of the matter is, everyone is still being impacted to some extent.

InXile Entertainment’s highly-anticipated old school action-RPG Wasteland 3 is now feeling these effects first hand. The studio has decided to delay the game’s release by three months, to August 28th. The originally planned release date of May is just an unfortunate timeframe when once considers the Coronavirus’ course. So, the decision to delay the game makes a lot of sense. After all, developers will have to work under un-optimal circumstances for the foreseeable future. No one would prefer a buggy incomplete game at an early date after all.

In the end, the health and safety of people always need to be the top priority. As such, the news of the delay is understandable and not even that long. And it’s not like inXile won’t be using the extra time to further polish the spiritual successor to the original isometric Fallout games. So, get cozy in your homes, wash your hands and let time pass with some other games in your backlog.

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