Star Citizen teases Squadron 42 campaign in eye-melting trailer


Cloud Imperium Games is on a roll. After the release of the newest Alpha build for Star Citizen, now we get a mighty-impressive teaser trailer for the single-player campaign portion of the ambitious space-adventure dubbed Squadron 42. Watch it below!

It seems development behind closed doors at Chris Roberts’ company is going better than expected. After all, the game which is nearing the decade mark in its development cycle has become sort of a joke among gamers for its unusually long dev time. But to the surprise of many, the past days have proven exceptionally fruitful in terms of concrete news.

It’s been a while since last we shared a significant look at Squadron 42, even as our global teams work diligently behind the spoiler curtain. So, as a special holiday gift to all of you, we put together this visual update reel, highlighting some of the work we’ve done over the course of 2019.

First, there was the announcement of Alpha 3.8 of Star Citizen which added a whole lot of content to the game which you can already purchase and play! But this new teaser is bringing the good on one particular aspect that has been neglected for the longest time. We’re talking about Squadron 42, the campaign portion of Star Citizen. Even calling the new video a teaser seems like underselling as it shows plenty of diverse places in its close-to 4-minute runtime.

The developer gleefully admits that the new teaser is going to be a big deal for fans eagerly awaiting its proper release. They even go as far as calling it a Christmas gift. A great gift it is. Star Citizen still has no concrete release date but Cloud Imperium Games were gunning for a 2020 release date of Squadron 42. Whether this ends up being manageable remains to be seen. With the many delays of past years, we advise mustering up more patience.

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