Star Citizen adds final planet to its first star system in new alpha


Cloud Imperium Games has released the newest version of their highly-ambitious space-action game Star Citizen. With version Alpha 3.8, players of the shared open-galaxy game can look forward to a brand-new planet, new missions, and more. Check out the trailer for the new alpha here!

Fans of Chris Roberts’ latest title had to be extraordinarily patient, with the game being announced in 2012. That’s even before the current-gen consoles were out. The promise of a large galaxy in never-before-seen visual fidelity, all at insane production quality and simulation made Star Citizen an instant success on Kickstarter. Even after the crowdfunding was over, the developer continued to accept funding from investors and gamers alike. Later is usually done via expensive in-game space ships.

We know it sounds dramatic and yes, we deal with this sort of thing all the time, certainly. But believe us when we tell you this storm isn’t to be taken lightly. Stay vigilant and keep checking back throughout the coming months for updates. We expect to release additional information and resources as they become available.

With such a long development cycle, talks about the game being a scam or vaporware have been a mainstay among critical gamers. But the truth is, Cloud Imperium Games has released playable build of Star Citizen for years. It’s still far away from being complete but gamers can enjoy a wide range of game modes like interplanetary travel, space combat, first-person-combat and more.

With the newest Alpha 3.8 build, Star Citizen has achieved a new milestone by offering the last planet of the first star system. As an icy frozen planet, it’ll surely add to the game’s variety nicely. A new planet tech for procedural generation is also now live. Those looking for more traditional content, the new build also includes new missions and weapons. There’s much more which you can read in detail in the developer blog here.

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