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RETIREMENT is a time many will look forward to, but for those approaching this time of life, the impact of coronavirus on their pension pot will be a significant concern. Source link
A DEVASTATING landslide in Alta, Norway washed away multiple houses and a dog after heavy rain on Wednesday morning as residents barely made it out in time. Source link
Citigroup is looking to ramp up its commercial banking operations across Europe, Middle East and Africa, plugging gaps left by rivals facing fallout from a coronavirus-induced recession. Source link
Zoom Chief Executive Officer Eric Yuan has sparked a controversy after the executive said that the company would not offer the strongest end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for free calls to make sure it was able to work with law enforcement. Source link
The nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology argues that the president’s move against Twitter and other companies is retaliatory. Source link
New guidance from the Labor Department clarified how retirement plans could put money in the hands of private equity funds. Source link
U.K.-Hong Kong, U.S. protests, travel: Here’s what you need to know. Source link
EPIC Games has announced that it has decided to delay the launch of Fortnite Season 3, while also providing a new launch time for the Fortnite Doomsday event. Source link
MONEY SAVING is top of the agenda for many families across the country who are looking to tighten their belts amid the lockdown crisis within the UK. Source link
AN EARTHQUAKE has rocked Southern California on Wednesday, disrupting residents by shaking buildings. Source link