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Italy’s data protection authority said Friday it was acting with “urgency” following the death of a 10-year-old girl. Source link
The "Morning Joe" co-host spotlighted two particularly egregious segments on the widely watched conservative network. Source link
A number of lawmakers expressed deep concern over the reports, prompting a reversal. Source link
Younger versions of some HBO characters may be coming ... Source link
The Fox News host's coverage was all sour grapes, but one remark about the new president really got a backlash. Source link
The Texas senator got hit with an instant fact-check on Twitter. Source link
The president is ordering people to wear masks while on federal property and encouraging their use everywhere else. Source link
The incoming president wants to work with Republicans and limit his executive actions. How long will that last? Source link
Trump’s Parting Clemency List: Steve Bannon, Lil Wayne And More Source link
On the eve of his inauguration, the president-elect delivered a heartfelt goodbye speech to Delaware. Source link