HomePod upgrade – Your Apple smart speaker just received these huge improvements


HomePod is Apple’s smart speaker that released at the start of the year and delivers incredible audio.

That’s thanks to its seven-tweeter array and high-excursion woofer that seamlessly combine to output clear sound.

HomePod has a host of unique technologies inside; most notably the hardware can identify when it is placed near a wall and alter its audio delivery accordingly.

We loved the HomePod when we reviewed it at Express.co.uk, giving it four out of five stars.

Technology Editor David Snelling, said: “Apple’s HomePod has left a seriously good impression on us.

“It looks great, has a vast array of useful smart features and can finally bring Apple Music to your living room via voice control.

“However, its biggest selling point is simply the way it sounds.

“It outshines all of the competition with an audio quality that’s rich, booming with bass yet packed full of the finest audio detail.”

But in the midst of the unveiling for iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr, the HomePod has been bestowed a number of new features from Apple.

As part of a new software update, the smart speaker has now added support for users to search by song lyrics.

This means Apple fans can now say “play the song that goes like this” and then proceed to say particular lines from a track.

And HomePod can now set more than one timer at once – this means owners who love to cook can make sure nothing burns by having countdowns in place for everything being prepared.

The speaker can also now make and receive phone calls – all users have to do is ask Siri to call someone and the action will proceed.

Tracking missed calls is also now easier than ever on HomePod.

All Apple fans have to say is “Hey Siri, who just called?” and the intelligent assistant will respond appropriately.

Find my iPhone support has now arrived, meaning owners can easily locate other Apple hardware they may have misplaced.

But without a doubt one of the biggest new implementations is the arrival of Siri shortcuts.

This will allow actions to be carried out by the speaker just by saying a certain phrase.

That means if a HomePod owner says “Hey Siri, good morning”, they could manage the sentence so lights are turned on, a coffee is ordered from a local shop or a particular timer is set.

HomePod comes in white and space grey colours and sells for £319.

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