Glenelg screening of new documentary


SEVENTY years after the body of an unknown man washed up on Somerton beach, a new documentary hopes to solve one of the world’s most baffling mysteries.

A charity screening of Missing Pieces: The Curious Case of The Somerton Man will be held at Glenelg’s GU Film House to mark the cold case’s 70th anniversary.

The case has remained unsolved since 1948, but with new sources and leads being explored in the film, there is still hope it can be solved.

Producer Wayne Groom wants people to come forward with information.

“A lot of people have become emotionally attached to the story, it thrills them to think they could maybe solve it, as it does with us,” Groom says.

The community remains intrigued with the identity of the deceased man, and how he came to be on the beach.

The film is also working to embrace the area and the state.

“We want to celebrate Glenelg and Somerton at some level because that’s where it happened and some of the archival footage we have of 1940s Adelaide is also nostalgic,” Groom says.

Holdfast Bay Mayor Amanda Wilson, who is organising the event, says the screening will “get locals down so we can maybe put the last pieces of the puzzle together”.

“We’re trying to make it a real community event,” Ms Wilson says.

The screening will begin at 7.30pm next Thursday and all proceeds will go to Tutti Arts.

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