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24 Tweets About Cats Who Want To Watch The World Burn

We are all cats as 2020 ends. Source link

Wisconsin Hospital Worker Fired For Deliberately Spoiling COVID-19 Vaccine

Aurora Medical Center said an employee intentionally ruined 500 doses of a vaccine by removing them from refrigeration. Source link

Man Called Most Prolific Serial Killer In U.S. History Dies

Samuel Little died at a California hospital. He killed nearly 60 confirmed victims in his lifetime. Source link

Anthony Hopkins Celebrates 45 Years Of Sobriety In Inspiring New Year’s Clip

"Today is the tomorrow you were so worried about yesterday,” Hopkins said. "You young people, don't give up." Source link

The 4 Steps That Will Increase Happiness, According To A New Study

Researchers believe these daily habits will train your brain to achieve better overall well-being. (Worth a try, right?) Source link

Joe Clark, School Principal Who Inspired Film ‘Lean on Me,’ Has Died At 82

Morgan Freeman starred as Clark in the 1989 film that was loosely based on his tenure at Eastside High School. Source link

Justice Department Declines Charges Against Officers In Tamir Rice Case

DOJ won't bring federal charges against two Cleveland police officers for the 2014 killing of a 12-year-old Black child. Source link

Chrissy Teigen Got Her Nose Pierced And It Went Hilariously Wrong

Stars, they're just like us. Source link

Saudi Women’s Rights Activist Loujain al-Hathloul Sentenced To Nearly 6 Years

Her continued imprisonment was likely to be a point of contention in relations between the kingdom and the U.S. Source link

Ted Cruz Got $35 Million For Billionaire Fracking Donors In Last Stimulus Deal: Report

The senator's deal is criticized as a massive taxpayer-backed payoff to major campaign contributors. Source link